Substances Abuse Treatment

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substance abuse

Overcoming alcohol or substance abuse can be a daunting challenge for patients and their families. Without professional help, some individuals may fall victim to overdose, relapses and a life-long battle with addiction. At DrGmed, Inc., we're committed to helping patients who are actively struggling or in recovery from substance abuse. Through guided therapy sessions and treatment plans, we lead our patients to a path of freedom and liberation.

The DSM-V is a manual for assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders and does not include information or guidelines for treatment of any disorder. That said, determining an accurate diagnosis is the first step toward being able to appropriately treat any medical condition, and mental disorders are no exception.

Based on the DSM-V, the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health and other health professionals for diagnostic and research purposes:

Dual Diagnosis and Integrated Treatment of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorder (such as alcohol, heroine, cannabis, stimulants, opioids dependence.)

  • Substances abuse treatment
  • Alcohol abuse disorder
  • Heroine abuse disorder
  • Cannabis abuse disorder
  • Methamphetamine abuse disorder
  • Opioids abuse disorder
  • Gambling Addiction

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