DrGmed, Inc. can help alleviate emergency rooms (ER) and inpatient settings’ overcrowding and postponements by avoiding hospitalization and expensive transfers to the healthcare institution and the patients!

We are a -medicine company that has been serving our communities with -services in general medicine, psychiatry and substances abuse.

We are proud of our multi-specialty team of Doctors and Advanced Level Nurse Practitioners that range into different specialties, allowing for more resources to be available than with the inpatient and outpatient settings. Our exceptional healthcare professionals have earned a reputation for providing outstanding patient care. DrGmed values building strong professional relationships with our patients, partners and staff.

One of our main purposes is to provide emergency rooms and inpatient settings with immediate access to the best mental health, substances abuse specialists and prescribers through medicine. We are dedicated to understanding your organization’s needs and operational goals because we recognize that your success is our accomplishment. DrGmed can join your crew to expedite your ER and inpatient services in a safe manner, having our patients as our number one priority!

Whether, in the hospital setting, our team can usually connect in less than an hour which permits for the well-timed assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up disposition for each patient!

Medicaid, Medicare & Commercial/Private Insurances!

DrGmed, Inc.
“A multidisciplinary team brought together to provide personalized care” or

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