Emergency Tele-Solution

Contagious diseases can spread speedily and entail fast, coordinated responses to provide best-quality patient care and cut the danger of exposure.

Virtual care is among the best recommended solutions for social distancing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.*

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A speedy-answer for COVID-19 infection management

In a struggle to balance the curve, DrGmed, Inc. is devoted to uniting with local governments, hospitals, and health systems across the world who are on the forward-facing positions of delivering attention and operating concerning repression of COVID-19.

With our EMR-Bear software platform we provide a virtual-first strategy to immediately reply, treat, and reduce the hazard of extending infectious diseases!

Due to extraordinary stress and the necessity for fast implementation, our pre-configured

COVID-19 EMR-Bear software intervention can be accessible to your care teams immediately.

Maintain the healthy at home and virtualize current patient care!

  • Virtual patient evaluation
  • Virtual walk in, urgent and programmed appointments with continues and nonstop patient care

Reduce exposure inside a healthcare facility for in-patient care!

  • Efficiently tele-isolate to uninterruptedly observe and manage individuals in quarantine and patients in isolation
  • Constraint on-site visits

Expand resources to enhance care crews with full scheduling capabilities and provider-to-provider consultations for current COVID19 infected patients and protection of the medical and nursing teams!

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