Tele-Psychiatry Services

As a bilingual multidisciplinary team, we offer a range of services and medical practices to enhance your quality of life. Our areas of focus include family medicine, mental health and substance abuse services. Offering an in-house office for scheduled and follow-up visits, we also extend our therapeutic services on the virtual level through telemedicine. We can treat patients with counseling sessions via phone and video conference for your comfort and convenience and provide services that include psychiatric evaluations, follow-ups medication refills and specialized prescriptions that include Emotional Support Animal prescriptions and letters as well as Service Dog prescriptions and letters.

Medicaid, Medicare & Commercial/Private Insurances!

mental health

It's with kindness, care, and specialized attention that we at DrGmed, Inc. deliver guided therapy and counseling services for adults at all walks and stages of life. Whether you're enduring a lot of life changes or unearthing stress from traumatic events experienced in childhood, our counselors are here for you. We provide treatment for depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health challenges to enhance one's quality of life through medication, counseling and therapy sessions.

substance abuse

Overcoming alcohol or substance abuse can be a daunting challenge for patients and their families. Without professional help, some individuals may fall victim to overdose, relapses and a life-long battle with addiction. At DrGmed, Inc., we're committed to helping patients who are actively struggling or in recovery from substance abuse. Through guided therapy sessions and treatment plans, we lead our patients to a path of freedom and liberation.

Office Visit

Visit our facility for an in-person examination and medical treatment.

Via Phone

Speak with our guided professionals for counseling sessions and medical advice.


Engage in virtual sessions with a caring medical professional via video conference.

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